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Reviews from Adults

A very positive experience-making components of language arts come alive even for my shy students! I noticed 2 of my terribly shy students smiling-quietly participating behind their hands. Students were highly engaged. All answers were accepted and sincerely appreciated. Our story sessions and discussions carried over to other stories as well. Patti was exceptionally engaging. My students eagerly looked forward to her lessons.Martie Goodbody, Teacher, Glen View Elementary School, Escondido CA

I learned we are never too old to enjoy hearing a story, and especially enjoyed the part about putting a new up-to-date spin on fairy tales, such as the little Red Riding Hood story! We had a great workshop with you! Ann Guenther, Senior and clown

This is the first time I've seen Patti and I have to say that she is very, very animated. I really enjoyed her use of props. Her enthusiasm really captured the kids tonight. Alysa Palmer

Patti Christensen has to be one of the most energetic, fun storytellers Iíve had the pleasure to listen to! Patti immerses herself in the story, providing an experience for all her listeners, young and old alike. Linda King Pruitt, Storyteller

Patti has the gift of comic timing that is God-given! When I saw her do Stephanie's Ponytail, I knew she lived her characters and helped us to live them, too! She is the Best!!! Carolyn Cardamis, teacher

Your performances are rich with verbal pictures that make the stories come alive, jump off the page. The way you integrate the use of props to enhance the stories is really great! The thought of seeing you tell, even if I've heard the story, is exciting, yours is an exciting performance and full of authenticity of feeling and life, especially a Zest for Life. Diana Spirithawk Whiting



Comments of children:

Dear Mrs. Christensen, Thank you for teaching us how to tell stories. I really enjoyed them a lot. I like the coat story the most. I love your stories. Sincerely, Omar.


Dear Mrs. Christensen, We think you are a great teacher and a great storyteller. You are a good friend, too, Mrs. Christensen and a great woman, too. Love, Imelda and Azusena


Dear Mrs. Christensen, I want to thank you because you are really special for us. All of us want you to stay because we learned a lot from you. We are going to miss you a lot because you are really fun when tell us a story and when we act it out. Me and the class love you a lot. We think are a good, lovely and nice teacher. We love you! Imelda Perez and classmates, 4th graders

Dear Mrs. Christensen, Thank you for telling us the best stories I ever heard. I passed the stories on to my family. Love, Martha

Dear Ms. Christensen, I want to thank you so very much for telling us those wonderful stories. I also want to thank you because you inspired me to write a story. And the class hopes you can come back someday and teach us more stories we can tell our families, Love, Sheyenna


Dear Ms. Christensen, I sure will miss you when you lave the class forever. I like the stories you told to us. The stuff you did was very cool. I never wanted to miss school on Wednesday because I knew you would come. Sincerely, Uriel

Ms. Christensen,I will never forget the time you came to my classroom. Sincerely, Diana

I will remember you until the future.   Lanking, age 9, Shekou, China


I am a storyteller. The type that went from place to place, gathered people in the square and transported them, inspired them, woke them up, shook their insides around so that they could resettle in a new pattern, a new way of being. It is a tradition that believes that the story speaks to the soul, not the ego . . . to the heart, not the head. In today's world, we yearn so to "understand," to conquer with our mind, but it is not in the mind that a mythic story dwells.

- Donna Jacobs Sife